Clicking " Download " will initiate the installation process for FREE Document Viewer. The license is free for personal use - no hidden fees or costs whatsoever.

Don't Pay to Simply Open Files

FREE Document Viewer is a free software that opens almost any type of document 100% free of charge to our users. With FREE Document Viewer you can easy open & view files, copy & extract text, and access some other basic features like zoom and document search.

FREE Document Viewer opens text documents but also opens spreadsheets and even webpages... and we're adding new formats all the time.

FREE Document Viewer is all about accessibility; it is a lightweight application that gives you the access to your files without paying for software to do it. We believe you shouldn't have to pay to access your documents. Why pay for something you can get for free?

How can it be FREE?

FREE Document Viewer is developed and distributed by a small team of developers without much of the overhead costs of some larger software companies. Our intention is to allow people to open files on their computers even if they don't have all the necessary paid software. That way, if you receive a DOCX file by email, or download a PDF file from the internet – you know you'll be able to open it without having to shop around for software.

The application is functional and lightweight, and we're continually working on adding and improving features. As we continue to develop FREE Document Viewer, we hope to add even more value for our users. We rely on user feedback to improve our application, if you would like to submit a comment or a bug - please do so at

...and THANK YOU for using FREE Document Viewer!

FREE Document Viewer Supports the Following Document Formats:

  • .PDF - Adobe Portable Document Format
  • .DOCX - Microsoft Word 2007+ file
  • .XLSX - Microsoft Excel 2007+ file
  • .XLS - Microsoft Excel file
  • .ASP - Microsoft Active Server Page
  • .ASPX - Microsoft Extended Active Server Page
  • .BAK - Backup file
  • .CFG - Configuration file
  • .DAT - Data file
  • .DIZ - Description file
  • .INI - Configuration file
  • .JS - Javascript file
  • .INFO - Informational file
  • .NFO - Informational file
  • .MANIFEST - Application manifest file
  • .PHP - Hypertext Preprocessor file
  • .RTF - Rich Text Format
  • .TXT - Text file
  • .HTML - Web page file
  • .HTM - Web Page file
  • .XHTML - Markup language file
  • .XML - Markup language file