About Us

FREE Document Viewer is an application developed by MelonHead Software Inc. Our intention is to allow people to open files on their computers even if they don't have all the necessary paid software. That way, if you receive a DOCX file by email, or download a PDF file from the internet – you know you'll be able to open it without having to shop around for software. The application is functional and lightweight, and we're continually working on adding and improving features. As we continue to develop FREE Document Viewer, we hope to add even more value for our users. We rely on user feedback to improve our application, if you would like to submit a comment or a bug - please do so at support@freedocumentviewer.com.

FREE Document Viewer is similar to some other free applications in the marketplace, the difference with us is that we:

  • Do not display third party advertising in our application
  • Do not use surprise upgrades or up-sells in our application
  • Do not re-sell your information to other companies or 3rd parties

While Free Document Viewer is not open source software, it uses several open source components, licensed under different open source licenses.
Please visit the Source page to learn more about the libraries we use.

...and THANK YOU for using FREE Document Viewer!